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How to choose the right ball mill? 2021-05-25

The ball mill is one of the most widely used high precision grinding machines in industrial production. There are many types, such as tube ball mill, rod ball mill, cement ball mill, superfine rolling mill, manual ball mill, horizontal ball mill, rolling bushing ball mill, energy saving ball mill, overflow ball mill, ceramic ball mill, lattice ball mill and so on.
ball mills

Ball mills with different specifications and models have different specifications, so when buying a ball mill, pay attention to the selection of the mill.

How to choose a ball mill?

  • 1. Know the hardness of your own minerals.
  • 2. If possible, choose a ball mill that saves as much energy as possible.
  • 3. Know the required fineness of minerals.
  • 4. According to the requirements of the outlet, the diameter and length of the cement ball mill are selected appropriately.
  • 5. Better to buy from a professional ball mill manufacturer that matches your ore.
  • 6. Require the ball mill manufacturer to have a local market share in your business.
  • 7. Choose a new generation of reconditioned ball mills, the speed and number of strokes are different.
  • 8. Depending on the fineness required by the minerals themselves, choose the opening of the closed plate and the position of the silo.
  • 9. According to the cement ball mill price, the material of the lining plate and the thickness of the steel plate of the grinding body are required.
  • 10. Select the manufacturers of the large and small teeth of the cement ball mill, as well as the motor and number reducing machine.
how to choose the right ball mills?

How to choose the right ball mill steel ball?

  • 1. The steel ball is not as hard as possible, but it has its appropriate hardness value;
  • 2. The density of steel balls is also a problem that cannot be ignored.
ball mill steel balls
It is wrong to simply seek high hardness and low unit consumption. High hardness and low unit consumption do not mean low cost. Balls with high hardness and low unit consumption tend to be expensive. High hardness does not necessarily increase productivity, it does not even decrease it, only high productivity can reduce unit consumption indicators. Therefore, the main criterion for the selection of steel balls should be the high productivity of the mill and the low cost of the grinding medium.