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Common Problems During Grinding Mill Processing 2021-03-02

Grinding Mill is a very common powder making machine that can be used in more than 300 kinds of minerals powder processing, such as: calcium carbonate, limestone, gypsum, kaolin, mica, dolomite, barite, graphite, marble and so on. However, the grinding mill also can happen something wrong when the grinding mill in the processing, what's the reason? and how to reslove? Clirik will give you some advances.

1) The grinder wears out too quickly. High-strength grinding mill

The hardness of the material is too high, and the inner cavity of the crusher of more suitable material should be selected at this time. The equipment runs at a higher crushing pressure for a long time. In this case, it is necessary to periodically replace the worn-out parts.

2) The crushed product is not uniform. The crushed product is generally single peak, if there are double peaks or multiple peaks, the main reasons are:

The grinding mill pressure is unstable. Solution: On the basis that the air supply volume of the air source equipment can meet the air volume required for work, ensure that the minimum air supply pressure of the air source is 2 to 3 bar higher than the working pressure.

The feed rate is unstable. Solution: Check whether there is blockage at the feed valve; whether the material is too viscous and fluidity is uneven, and the feed rate is controlled stably.

3) A filter cake is formed in the chamber of the grinding mill. Solution: Suspend the crushing work, remove the filter cake in the crusher chamber, and then resume production.

The impact of detection methods. The particle size test result of the crushed product does not meet the requirements. After eliminating the problems that may occur during the crushing process, the product particle size test result still does not meet the requirements. It is possible to consider whether the particle size test method is reasonable. For example, the material is highly viscous, and the material is easy to agglomerate after crushing. If the dry method is used for detection, it is obviously inappropriate. At this time, the wet method can be considered for detection, so that the substance is fully dispersed in the solution and then tested. The result is the most true test result.

4) The influence of cyclone separation on the grinding mill effect. After the crushed material is separated by the cyclone, the pressure in the cyclone separator is maintained at about 200-300mbar. Under this pressure, the material can be directly packaged at the cyclone outlet using a packaging bag. This situation is the best condition for cyclone separation. If the pressure in the cyclone separator is too large, it indicates that the output of the crusher is large, which will affect the crushing effect.

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