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Customers Visiting on May 30th 2018-06-01

May 30th is a special day for our Clirik sales manager. Why? Because on this day we have ushered in two groups of customers coming from afar.

The first picture is a Singaporean customer who visited our superfine grinding machine base for a long time. He had an advanced concept for his later powder manufacturing industry, and for his production ideas, our sales manager and technical engineer were also involved in his conversation with our professional win. I got the trust of the customer.

(Pictures from right to left: Sales Manager David, technical engineer Jerry, customer, and salesperson Laraine.)

This picture is about my second group of customers from Vietnam who have been talking for 3 hours on the morning of the 30th. During the conversation, our sales manager, Andy, always answered questions with his professionalism and carefully, and gave the customer a performance in the afternoon workshop in the afternoon, based on the questions raised by the customer. Show and explain. We win the trust of our customers with the service.

(Pictures from right to left: salesperson Lucy, Sales Manager Andy, our customers.)

The pictures of the workshop visit are as follows: