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Shanghai Clirik the “Rain God” 2018-06-22

In this year, there was an interesting imagination appeared, on the day of delivery, it will rain in the morning. We are also praised by our peers as "Rain God". The follow picture shows that our actual situation of delivery in the last thirty days. On the morning of May. 06, May. 21, May. 31 and Jun. 20, it's all cloudy and rainy days.

Shanghai Clirik Rain God

Of course, we don't just deliver the goods on rainy days, we are not superstitious, and we are not “Rain God”. We just agreed with our customers to deliver the goods on that day. Maybe delivery on rainy days is more expensive than usual, but we are more committed to our commitment to customers.

No matter what the weather it is, no matter how far you are from us, we are sure to send the new stone powder grinding mill to your site at the agreed time and install it for you. This is all of our Clirik’s staffs promise to undertake.