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2018 Spring Festival Holiday Arrangements of Shanghai Clirik 2018-02-02

The Spring Festival is the new year of China, and it is the most important and biggest holiday in China. At this time, people will look back on the achievements of the past year and also look forward to the year ahead. It is the end point and the starting point.

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For China's New Year holidays, the national regulation is from February 15 to February 21, as usual, seven days in total. But the specific number of holiday days is according to different industries. For example, We-Shanghai Clirik Machinery's holiday time is 17 days, from February 8 to 24, we work on the 25th February. However, we need to remind our dear customers, although we have a holiday.

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But Shanghai Clirik will not delay any work, so if you have requirement of our stone crushers, grinding mills and other mining equipment, please contact us anytime, you can contact us by E-mail, Phone, our sales manager and technical engineer will contact you ASAP within 24 hour.