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Hydraulic Cone Crusher

10-800 t/h
Feeding size:
under 300 mm
Output Size:
5-40 mm
Applied material:

mainly used in mining,building material,metallurgy industry,sandstone processing,road and bridge engineering etc.

  • Main Specification
  • Technical Data
  • Features
  • Working principle

Cone crusher apply to crushing super hardness materials which above medium hardness,such as granite,ba-salt,quartzite,iron ore,cobble stone etc. The cone crusher is mainly used in mining,building material,metallurgy industry,sandstone processing,road and bridge engineering etc.

Model Cavity Discharge Opening(mm) Max Feed Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Weight(t) Overall Dimensions(mm)
CP155B standard super coarse type 25-64 220 236-455 160 23 2790*2415*3240
standard coarse type 19-51 205 172-378
standard medium type 16-38 175 132-255
standard fine type 13-31 115 109-181
CP155D short head super coarse type 16-25 110 209-236
short head coarse type 8-25 90 109-227
short head medium type 6-16 75 82-163
short head fine type 3-16 55 36-163
EP240B standard super coarse type 38-64 313 538-743 250 45 3640*2954*3770
standard coarse type 25-64 228 354-610
standard medium type 22-51 205 258-437
standard fine type 15-38 178 181-327
CP240D short head super coarse type 13-25 113 253-336
short head coarse type 20-25 113 190-336
short head medium type 6-19 76 136-281
short head fine type 5-13 60 90-209

1. Intelligent design, higher efficiency
digital display of the crushing condition and equipment operation; program control; fault alarm; automatic adjustment for oil pressure; more intuitive observation; more convenient adjustment . 

2. multi use, simple operation
It can be adjusted to three type of crushing cavity (coarse, medium, fine) by changing some wearing parts and the location of parts assembly. During the production, if the crushing cavity is blocked by hard iron and stopped instantly, there is no need to disassemble the equipment. The fault matter can be discharged automatically by the hydraulic device.

3. Lubrication system, more protection
each component can be lubricated sufficiently. Multi-points split hydraulic lubrication control system ensure the double-protection and overload protection for machine bearing lubricating.

4.  Automatic adjustment, more convenient operation
Through controlling the hydraulic oil station, equipment can be controlled automatically and simplified the operation procedure.

When hydraulic cone crusher work, the rotation of the motor through the pulley or coupling, drive shaft and the cone of force in the eccentric sleeve moving around a fixed for rotary movement, so that the cone crusher in the crushing wall and near and sometimes leave is fixedly arranged on the regulating sleeve rolling white surface, the ore constantly under attack in the crushing cavity, extrusion and bending and crushing ore achieved. At unbreakable foreign body through the crushing chamber or for some reason Gravel hydraulic cone crusher is overloaded, the spring system of insurance, the mouth of discharge increases, foreign bodies from the crushing chamber is discharged, such as blocking in row ore using cavity cleaning system, so that the discharging continues to increase, so that the foreign body removal of crushing cavity. 

Hydraulic Cone Crusher


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