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Warmly welcome the president of Shanxi Inorganic Salt Association to come to Clirik 2019-05-24

On Saturday, May 18, 2019, the president of the Calcium Carbonate Branch of the Shaanxi Inorganic Salt Association came to Coleridge for guidance. The Secretary of Shanghai Kelirik Machinery Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang, gave a warm hospitality and the powder industry. Future development negotiations and the development of the future development of the powder machinery industry.

According to the president, there are many kinds of inorganic salt products, there are more than 1,500 varieties, and the added value of the industry is relatively low, which generally does not reach the investment intensity of the chemical park. Therefore, the general chemical park is unwilling to accept. However, compared with this point, the inorganic salt industry is still facing a bigger bottleneck in the industry - mine. The president of the calcium carbonate branch of the Shaanxi Inorganic Salt Association said that most of the inorganic salt enterprises and mines are closely integrated. They use inorganic minerals and non-metallic minerals as resources, backed by mining development enterprises, and mountain mining under the mountain, so they are developing. The above point has great limitations. Then, in view of the current status quo, we must keep pace with the times, vigorously develop the technology of milling equipment, and the demand for powder in recent years, as well as the high processing standards for the processing quality of powder equipment. In this case, Cory has always been committed to meeting the requirements of powder users, while continuously integrating the overall production level of grinding equipment and crushing equipment and intelligent advanced technology to meet the needs of today's powders.